About Us

The Battistello Karate School has the most innovative and comprehensive martial arts program available today. We have a variety of programs to cater for different ages and needs. We cater for students aged 3½ and up.

At the Battistello Karate school we teach a safe and effective approach to martial arts training, designed especially for today's lifestyle, making learning fun, while guaranteeing exceptional results. Students are taken through step by step in classes separated by age and skill level.

Karate Black Belts are men, women and children just like you. People who are looking for more than just a workout in their spare time. Karate practitioners are individuals with poise, self confidence and character.

Children's Programs

We have a variety of special programs that are aimed at our 'Karate Kids.' We strongly emphasise self defence awareness and our classes are designed with motivation, discipline, skill development and enjoyment in mind. We have two separate groups for kids. The Young Dragons is for the older kids between the age of 8 and 12. While the Mighty Mites are aged between 3½ and 7. We cater for the learning needs of the different age groups and focus on maximizing their potential.

Self Defence

Of course, we hope to never have to defend ourselves in a street confrontation, but there is a chance that we may have to. We teach realistic escapes and releases that are effective for men, women and children. You will develop the ability to recognise potentially dangerous situations, the confidence to avoid those situations and the knowledge to effectively defend yourself.

Improved Self Confidence

The combination of your improved physical appearance and the new found abilities that you possess will heighten your self image and confidence level.

Agility & Coordination

As you progress toward your black belt you will learn not only to move faster but also to think faster. Your improved reflexes will allow you more time to think and react in dangerous situations, making you more effective in protecting yourself and your loved ones.

Goal Direction

As you progress, you will be rewarded with coloured belt advancement, designating your achievement. Your personal goals for the martial arts coupled with the ranking system will maintain an exciting and motivational experience for you on your road to Black Belt.

Black Belt

Our goal is to assist you in obtaining the highest rank within Karate, the Black Belt. These two words will generate respect and admiration from your friends and family. You will have the feeling of achievement, pride, confidence, self respect and success in obtaining your personal goals.                                                                                                                                                                                                              Two Free Lessons